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I was born in Lakeland, FL and moved to Billings, MT when I graduated high school. After about three years I decided to head back to Florida to see what I might make of my life. I had a lot of jobs, and I mean a LOT. I’d get bored and start looking for something more challenging! I went from busboy to waiter to debt collector to legal department manager to financial representative to starting my own financial consulting business. Then one day I asked God to please show me what were the skills and talents that He equipped me with and give me an opportunity to use them for His glory. Boom! Radio opportunities opened up… and I LOVED it! All of a sudden it felt like I was finally able to really fit into a career! I’m almost ashamed I get paid to do what I do… Almost. My 10 year radio career took me to Central Wisconsin and now to beautiful Lynchburg, VA. Coming to SpiritFM was a huge answer to a LOT of prayers and my family and I are so very happy to make this our home!

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