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Restaurants and food manufacturers spend millions of dollars to hopefully entice us enough to consume food that is normally deemed unhealthy. For example, more pizzas are ordered during the Super Bowl than any other football game. It is the presentation of food that makes us reach for things we should not.  Our attachment to junk food comes from its availability. It is legal, cheap, and socially acceptable. Therefore, it becomes “the drug of choice” and leads people to forming a habit or addiction. This characteristic behavior is compulsive despite the known negative health effects and social consequences. Over time patients can also develop a tolerance and need to eat more or try different, sugary foods. So instead of eating two doughnuts, you eat six. The “just one bite” doesn’t work because a single bite activates the reward system causing the brain to demand more. Will power, logic, and common sense are compared as no match for addiction. Be vigilant regarding your food choices. Stick to foods that provide nourishment and substance. Say “no thank you” to foods that will make you lose control. Click here for healthy recipes! 

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