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  • Please upload your Cover Letter and Resume. Your Cover Letter needs to include why you are interested in becoming a volunteer intern at Spirit FM Radio.
    I understand that submission of this application is no guarantee of admittance into this internship program and/or otherwise any other volunteer or organized opportunities related to Spirit FM. Acceptance will be based on skills/training/experience/interests of the intern, and the current needs of Spirit FM. I understand that this internship program is voluntary in nature, meaning that I will not receive any monetary compensation and/or gift compensation for duties performed during the internship relationship. Spirit FM staff will explain what my role as a volunteer intern entails and provide me with a description of duties. I am not guaranteed to be involved with Spirit FM duties outside of my assigned tasks, unless approved by the General Manager. I will uphold high moral values, as I will be representing Spirit FM within the office and in public. I will familiarize myself with Spirit FM history and values, which I can find by logging onto I will fulfill my obligation to be an active team member alongside Spirit FM to assure a productive, meaningful internship. This includes timeliness on assigned projects, ability to report to my internship duties on time, participation in requested meetings, and written evaluation at the end of my internship. I waive all claims against Spirit FM if for any reason Spirit FM or myself terminate the internship. I am aware of the risks or dangers inherent to or associated with any en-route travel or general duties on behalf of my duties for Spirit FM and I therefore assume the risk of any accident or injury. I am aware of the specific dangers inherent in or associated with my environment at Spirit FM. Spirit FM will not accept any responsibility for any financial liability I might incur as an intern. Spirit FM will be giving you scheduled times to come in as an intern. Please understand you must show up on time and when you are scheduled. Failure to do so will result in termination of your internship.
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