• Celebrations!

    Michael & Erica want to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of the people you love!  Fill out the form below and they will do their best to share your wish on the air.  Life happens, so if somehow our morning team misses your wish, they’ll be happy to celebrate your loved one on another day! Your […]

  • The Pumpkin News Network

    The Pumpkin News Network is committed to ALL pumpkin, ALL news, ALL the time! Our goal is to be your first smile every day. Meet Award Winning PNN Anchor Michael Brown and Award Winning Investigative Reporter Erica Parkerson. Every day, the PNN team, along with their pumpkin patch field reporters, bring you the latest breaking […]

  • Butterfly Hugs

    Will you help us share hope with our friends and neighbors battling cancer? Make a butterfly and send it to Spirit FM Radio!  We will put it with an encouraging note and get it to those in our community who are battling cancer!

  • Erica Parkerson

    Meet Morning Show Co-Host, Erica Parkerson!

  • Michael Brown

    Meet Morning Show Host, Michael Brown!